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Monday, June 28, 2010

Men's Designer Jewelry

Tonga Men's Sterling Silver Curb Link Bracelet

Snazzy Men's Designer Jewelry

What does one consider when shopping for men's jewelry? Style is most significant, needless to say. Next, one looks for durability, an expression of style, and a certain presence. Generally, men are less willing to follow the ups and downs of fashion trends and more prone to don one of a kind jewelry that represents their own character and fashion sense.

Redwood Sterling Silver Men's Ring

The fashionable, amazing, and classically American style of John S. Brana’s Hand-crafted Men's Jewellery will do the job perfectly. Designed in oxidized silver, John S. Brana’s one-of-a-kind men’s bracelets are ruggedly handsome and totally unique. These kinds of bold and chunky custom bracelets are available in four styles, any one of which will appeal to any man having a taste for fine jewelry.

Mother Nature Inspired Men's Designer Jewelry

The Tonga Men's Jewellery Collection features a hardy sterling silver curb link bracelet highlighted along with complex carving inspired by ancient Pacific Island tribes. The regal Sierra Nevada mountain range is the inspiration for the one of a kind Sierra Men's Jewelry Collection’s abstract design. The guy who enjoys the sophistication and tranquility of the Pacific Ocean will surely be thrilled to get a bracelet from the Wave Collection. The wavy style brings to mind the lull of the lightly rolling sea. Then there’s the Rawhide Collection, which remembers the era of the Old West by giving the oxidized sterling silver the look and texture of distressed buckskin.

Every one of these hallmarked, oxidized sterling silver gents bracelets features a stylish and durable curb link pattern and substantive lobster claw clasp. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong by making your choice from handcrafted jewellery designer John S. Brana’s distinctive line of bold and amazingly designed men’s jewelry.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Distinctive Hand Made Copper Jewellery

Copper jewellery has been worn for more than 100 years, mostly for genuine health factors as some believe that it enhances good blood circulation and eases the the signs of joint disease. Although those statements have not been medically confirmed, copper has been shown to have antimicrobial qualities (aiding to ward off bacteria as well as disease). However, it is more likely that this continued interest in copper jewelry has much more related to its distinctive luster and colour than it does with its germ-fighting capability!

Copper jewellery can often be sought-after by those who like an earthy, ethnic look but more and more it is also found making an appearance among the many collections among high end jewellery designers. It has an affordable alternative to higher priced rose gold due to its pretty pinkish tone when copper is at its most basic form. The warmness of copper additionally produces a eye-catching contrast along with silver’s cooler tones.

Numerous artisans furthermore enjoy working with this metal due to its resilience and flexibility. With time, oxidation can cause unprotected copper to darken into a warm brown color that generally improves the look of jewellery pieces. Furthermore, contact with the elements causes unprotected copper to form a bluish-green patina that's generally sought after by individuals who love a distinctive look. Accomplished jewelry designers use this organic discoloration of copper to make unique and revolutionary patterns and designs.

Uncoated bright copper jewelry can tarnish as time passes but can be easily restored to its primary condition. You can buy commercial restoring cloths or drop your jewellery in a bath of tepid to warm water, a number of drops of lemon juice and some salt. Dry with a delicate cloth and the classic warmth and former beauty of your pieces will quickly come back. Note: silver polish shouldn't be used on copper jewelry because it is harsh and may mar the finish.

Hand crafted copper jewelry by John Brana uses a special method to form an exclusive mottled patina in varying tones of brown, black, green, and blue in other pieces amongst his extensive collection of copper jewelry. These pieces are also covered with a protective lacquer which helps prevent tarnish and halts the jewellery from staining your skin.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Green Patinated Copper Lily Pad Earrings

As beautiful as a spring day, these Green Patinated Copper Lily Pad earrings feature hues of Apple Green, Turquoise, and Yellow, with a Raku-style texture. No two earrings are alike, making them truly unique.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Copper Patinated Jewelry by designer John S. Brana

Karri Ann Frerichs interviews San Francisco jewelry designer John S. Brana about his latest patinated handmade copper jewelry collection Muir Woods. See one-of-a-kind copper earrings in a variety of earth-tone colors, including hand-sculpted bronze tree-branch rings set with semi-precious faceted colored gemstones.