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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Citrine - November's Birthstone

Citrine, November's birthstone, is frequently referred to as "the gemstone of achievement," and unfortunately suffers from a case of mistaken identity that keeps gemstone fans from appreciating its splendor. Ranging in color from a light yellow to a golden brown, natural Citrine is a quartz crystal. When cut into a gemstone, Citrine is virtually impossible to tell visually from the more valuable Yellow Topaz.Unfortunately, this identity problem has led dishonest gem dealers to switch out the cheaper Citrine for Yellow Topaz, which is usually only discovered when the consumer resells the gem.

Commercial grade Citrine is produced by heat treating Amethyst or Smoky Quartz crystals in order to activate ferric impurities that give Citrine its golden-yellow color. Under this production method, Citrine tends to have a more orange or reddish cast than natural occurring Citrines, which are usually a paler yellow color. The largest producer of gem-grade Citrine is Brazil. Citrine is one of three traditional birthstones for the month of November.

Known as the "gemstone of achievement," Citrine promotes an abundance of prosperity and wealth. Citrine is also referred to as the "merchant's gemstone" because merchants in ages past believed that placing a Citrine gemstone in their cash registers would aid in bringing in more. Citrine purportedly also brings success in other unanticipated ways. Citrine is also thought to encourage kindness by guiding those who profit from its powers to spread their wealth with others.

By wearing Citrine, it is thought that your confidence, mental clarity, and will power can be enhanced. For these reasons, practitioners of New Age healing arts often recommend Citrine crystals for people who suffer from low self-esteem or even depression. Citrine is thought to deflect and dissipate all kinds of negative energies, generating stability in thought and emotion. Citrine is also rumored to foster happiness and good cheer, and reduce self-destructive tendencies and self-doubt.

Healers also prescribe Citrine to benefit the digestive system, the endocrine system and the immune system. Another benefit to Citrine, is that it aids in eliminating toxins from the body and helps in conquering various addictions and bad habits. Citrine, whether chosen for its beauty or so-called physical and psychic benefits, brings a sparkle of good fortune to its wearers.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blue Topaz Gives Bright Outlook

Blue Topaz comes in several hues of blue. Whatever it's color, Blue Topaz is a popular gemstone and not only makes beautiful jewelry, but also has a variety of interesting legends.

Being a quartz crystal, Blue Topaz is usually colorless before being transformed through irradiation into its blue color. The clear quartz crystals are irradiated to draw out the blue hues, then heat treated to seal in the color. The hue of blue depends on the type of radiation exposed to the quartz crystals.

Bombarding topazes with neutrons in a nuclear accelerator changes the color to the deep green-blue or gray-blue known as London Blue Topaz. Exposing the topaz crystals to electrons in a linear accelerator produces the most common color of Blue Topaz - Sky Blue Topaz. To produce Swiss Blue or Electric Blue Topaz, the quartz is bathed in a combination of both kinds of radiation. After almost a year of "rest," the radiation levels are cool enough so that they can be worn by consumers.

Since most quartz crystals have low value, there's really no incentive to create synthetic stones. Mystic Blue Topaz is created by vapor coating quartz crystals with titanium particals to produce a rainbow coloration of red, green, and teal hues. Since this effect is produced by a thin coating of titanium, Mystic Blue Topaz is extremely fragile and must be handeled with the greatest of care.

Even though Blue Topaz has a very unusual production technique, it performs wonderfully as a gemstone because it polishes up beatifully and has a very high refractive index. Having a Moh's Scale of 8 makes Blue Topaz one of the hardest gemstones and also makes it very durable and ideal for jewelry.

Blue Topaz is said to aid in the regulation of the heart, promotes glandular health, reduces fever and inflammations such as arthritis. On the other hand, the color of Blue Topaz is said to aid in meditation, discernment, and forgiveness. The calming effect of its blue color is believed to help its wearers let go of their anger and fosters forgiveness and reconciliation that leads a calmer and more fulfilling life.